Matthew Mitcham

Como diría Merche, una de cal y otra de arena. Como siempre pasa en estos casos, la lucha por la visibilidad y la normalidad no es fácil. No es un camino de rosas. Ni de baldosines amarillos para recorrer con tus chupines de rubí. Según se ha publicado, a las celebridades se les recomienda encarecidamente no salir del armario. Y en concreto a Mathew Mitcham, a quien le dijeron específicamente que no lo hiciera público. Cuentan en que los publicistas y relacions públicas de los famosos, prefieren que sus clientes no hablen de su vida sexual. Aunque todo el mundo sepa que son gays o lesbianas, mejor que no se hable. Y es que parece ser que en algunos sectores sigue habiendo homofobía.

Parace increible que en un pais como Australia, siga habiendo gente con esta mentalidad. ¿A qué nos enfrentamos? ¿Realmente a los espónsores les importa tanto la sexualidad de la persona que les representa? ¿Tan negativo se sigue viendo que alguien sea homosexual? ¿Tanto cierra el público objetivo a nivel de publicidad?

Entiendo que los relaciones públicas miran por su cliente, y por la comisión que se llevan de cada contrato, y que si ven mal el terreno para un homo, le recomienden no salir del armario. ¿Pero es ese un buen ejemplo a seguir? Si con 16 añitos te estás planteando decirlo en casa y la sensación que percibes es que gente de relevancia, como un medallista olímpico, no es esponsorizado por ser gay, que ganas vas a tener de decírselo a tus padres.


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    Valencia, 04.02.2001. State, Carabobo. Attorney General Denounces Human Rights Violations Torture. Cauterizations Campaign, torture, use of weapons to DNA damage, cauterization Mobiles Descrgas emission voltaic Nano.

    In this first communication we would like to explain the intention of presenting this case. To enter the lawyers in these types of human rights violations, in collecting information about how some organizations study of mankind are active criminal harassment, damage genetic manipulations and biological damage. As part of the information presented for examination must files, books of agencies, organizations study of the human race, recordings, television shows, legal precedents, research methodologies for determining technologies, Discovery Channel and History Chanel, RTVE Production Neuro Sciences Division of Nano Electrode Implantation Sevilla (Selective Removal Techniques Memory), NCTV and TVS. To supplement the information is filed tens of thousands of cases in some countries, in all cases have similar characteristics in terms of cases of harassment and voice mail in to sckull, some subjects had feelings of cauterization in areas of the brain, accompanied feelings of memory loss, feelings associated with stimulations that produce some involuntary movements, almost imperceptible in extremities, subjects discussed in some cases they perceive voices, but the content of the voices follow the same patterns from the statistical point of view in the content. In cases of Voice in to Skull, subjects with this type of stimulation voltaic nano processing centers have discussed auditory perception of voices, many voices have alphanumeric content, that from the point of view of criminal psychology, can be used to understand the characteristics of each organization, but not only the characteristics that ends well calculated to achieve different objectives. All cases report that they perceive voices are produced by organizations, study of the human race, intelligence agencies and organizations for various purposes. Some of the objectives that have been determined to achieve purposes include economic, information extraction, state security, torture, genetic research, biological material trades and theft. For legal assessment of such cases in which the laws are designed in the state, the definition of crimes of this type has not been included as the biological damage produced by the action of these technologies, are diverse and international consideration are punished. In the International Court of The Hague (UN), which have been conducted trials in which cases of genocide and crimes apartheid establish penalties for crimes that have compared crimes set forth in state law that crimes occur, can be resolved, so that the international Justica laws designed generally in countries undergoing, ensuring compliance for crimes that can be considered for large population systems. Verifiable inclusion in medicines or food technology, allows the possibility of cell stimulation, DNA damage, metabolic changes and biological damage. In the conception of biological damage can establish that this impairment is performed by the use of electric fields, magnetic fields emitted into these cells can alter the structure of DNA, but to have information about the existence of nanotechnology, it may have the possibility of pick up signals coming from emanators, one of the most impotartantes considerations about these technologies is the ability in terms (hardware) to convert these transmissions in photovoltaic nano plus downloads produce high frequency fields that directly affect the structure and atomic affinity I DNA molecule and other chemical molecules, producing vibrations in the structure of the molecule which change the configuration of the same, when we have a molecule in which atoms are joined and these are subjected to vibrations which affect their structure, some atoms that compose it, by friction between the fields and the attraction of the atoms can change the configuration of the molecule, but when talking about DNA molecule which has elongated structures can change in the configuration causing some atoms out of adjustment, change or mute the code. Some genetic variations occurring, by structural changes in the DNA molecule. In terms of the DNA molecule of disease onset genetic mutation or gene activation code, can be accelerated even disabled, since the possibility that nanoparticles whose size has the possibility of entering the nucleus to decrypt information by the theories described ultimately the possibility of emitting electromagnetic fields at these scales opens the possibility that friction can be decrypted information fields of a DNA molecule. By using these technologies we believe that nanotechnology might be able to contain internal processors nano as the measure is a measure to be observed, requires electronic resolution technology that can only be obtained by atomic force microscopy or laser microscopes . To observe processors are in charge of taking the electric impulses generate internal frequencies that allow the nano particle capture the information and send it from the cell body to antennas would require devices with the ability to manipulate these structures gauge scales, the measure is 1/1.000.000 explanation millimeters. Only atomic force microscopes and laser microscopes allow observation of these technologies in samples that could be made from foods and medications, for this suggests some labs that are in the country, Central University of Venezuela and IVIC, conducting these observations may only be made with simple methodologies used in criminology, the process is not complex, but the samples are extensive, in story to the possibility of finding food and products containing the nano structures. For the assessment of cases in which people have different types of symptoms, medical knowledge or could be interpreted as psychiatric diseases or conditions, we have some people who have symptoms in the case need to study for determining alterations and biological damage. Ratings can be made by different types of methodologies since in most cases these people have the same symptoms. The presenting symptoms and sometimes doctors and could diagnose such diseases or conditions should be observed with methods different from the methods used by traditional medicine and psychiatry. The psychiatric disorders established as the psyche may have different types of events according to different perceptions, neural stimuli, and neuronal damage. In cases of electronic harassment impulses that generate these technologies may exhibit different types of symptoms that a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, as a professional could identify as pathologies, but in the case studies in different parts of the world is exposed as these subjects Tartan your symptoms with psychologists and psychiatrists ye these, with additional knowledge diagnose symptoms that are part of psychiatry. From the medical point of view, there is the possibility that the conclusion about the symptoms presented by patients who are treated for the possible identification of disease occurs due to the use of processes, methodologies and knowledge, without using the information that could complete diagnosis on a person suffering from crimes. From the viewpoint psychiatric pathologies identifying classically performed through the interview may not be adequate because the symptoms can include cases from neurologic symptoms that can be interpreted as activators psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia , psychosis, bipolar disorder, split personality, motor problems, neurosis, psychopathy and other psychiatric disorders. To supplement the information is filed tens of thousands of cases in some countries, Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia, in all cases have similar characteristics in terms of cases of electronic harassment and Voice in to Sckull, the discussed subjects perceived voices, but the content of the voices follow the same patterns from a statistical and mathematical, creating algorithms for different types of purposes, such as events, population movements and the ability to manipulate subjects for non- legal. All cases report that they perceive voices are produced by organizations, study of the human race, intelligence agencies and organizations for various purposes. In explaining some cases people suffering from stimulations, the most striking aspects are perceived voices, but these voices have content that to be registered and then be studied, not appear to be a content based on normal communication leguaje The study leads to the conclusion that these voices are created from the point of view of alpha numeric codes, these codes are being transmitted and cases can be identified, as some organizations perform different types of activities. Commenting how are you activities are performed, the data can affect the movement and operation of systems usually consider states system involvement by technological influences, creates manipulations, stimulation and even changes in perceptions of travel changes unique to ends, purposes are theorized as the needs of the states. Needs to achieve effects on population groups, including national security, political views, economic interests and purposes that usually do not know since in such systems the possibilities include having needs and meet them for the possibility of better conditions. From the point of view of criminology, the possibility of finding or verdict about cases of people who have committed crimes, in the conception of the Code of Criminal Procedure, could have different interpretations as the possibility of producing photovoltaic nano downloads, allows the possibility of cellular manipulations, even change its operation since the cell contents, metabolisms, are based on complex processes, but when considering operation of the cell from a chemical standpoint nerve cells, photovoltaic nano downloads can alter brain function, such as short term memory and long-term, visual processing centers, motor centers, feelings and perceptions. The cerebral cortex that received afferent projections cell excitatory thalamic axons excitatory projection sends back all thalamic cell types, so that activate both cortical afferents to projection neurons as the inhibitory.

    In reference to damage to the hypothalamus. For explanation of DETRERIOROS IN ELECTRONIC AND HARASSMENT CASES cauterization, CAN EXPLAIN THE FOLLOWING: Aspects anatomophysiological The thalamus occupies approximately 80% of the medial cerebral di region. The term 'thalamus' derives from the Greek word thalamos, which means 'inner chamber' or 'marriage bed'. Galen (130-200 d. C.) gave this name to the 'camera' at the base of the brain. Embryologically, di vesicle derived from brain, derived in turn from the gallbladder forebrain: after forming the two Telen cephalosporin is delimits a central area will result in future di brain. The thalamus is oval, and a pair structure more or less symmetrical with respect to the midline. Thalamic nuclear groups. The thalamus contains a very rich nuclear organization. 50 have been identified to thalamic nuclei [4], many of which are microscopic subdivisions. The nomenclature of the thalamic nuclei is very complex, and in some cases are unknown connections and functional significance of the smallest [2]. Aspects of principal neurons or projection neurons main (transmit information outside the thalamus), representing about 75% of the neuronal population total. - Inter-local neurons or local circuit, which can receive information from the same sources as the primary neurons, but only contact logging micas cells involved in the same process step.

    The hypothalamus controls body processes DIFFERENT These processes include: Dun FUNCTIONS TO DO WITH THE PERCEPTION AND INCENTIVES: CONNECTIONS afferent hypothalamus and limbic olfactory, somatic functions that reach the hypothalamus as collateral lemniscales systems, memory cortical afferents that reach the hypothalamus directly from the frontal cortex, afferents from the hippocampus via fornix-mammillary nuclei, thalamus Connections cortical and corticothalamic. The organization within the cerebral cortex of the thalamus cortical and corticothalamic projections and neurophysiological properties of the fibers that ascend or descend to and from the cerebral cortex are the basis of the complex relationships between different thalamic nuclei and cerebral cortex [ 9]. The thalamus is also involved in the mechanisms of pain. The main target nuclei ascending axons for pain and temperature found in the ventral posterior nucleus. The ventroposterolateral ventroposteromedial and receive most of these afferents. The ventroposteromedial receive nociceptive information from the face, and ventroposterolateral, the rest of the body. The similar arrangement of sensory stimuli and noxious mechano is responsible for discriminating mechanisms of pain [15]. The intralaminar thalamic nuclei, on pain referred, involved in evoking the response elicited by a noxious stimulus through projections that reach these nuclei from the reticular formation. Some perceive sensory modalities in the thalamus, a fact revealed when lesions or ablations. of the cerebral cortex. In these cases, after the lesion lost the entire lateral sensitivity against the lesion, and recovers pain, and temperature sensitivity epicritic (crude). The clinic is well described this painting, known as thalamic syndrome. In these cases, the threshold of stimulation that produce these feelings is high and sensory modalities are exaggerated and unpleasant, in addition, are usually accompanied by a strong emotional response, usually attributable to an intact medial dorsal nucleus (common vascular lesions) . Vascular lesions affecting the posterolateral thalamic territory (ventroposterolateral nuclei, ventroposteromedial, medial geniculate body, pulvinar and focused medium) can result in a contralateral sensory loss, paresthesia and thalamic pain. . It has been well described syndrome Dejerine and Roussy, characterized by severe pain, persistent and paroxysmal, often intolerable, usually present at the time of the injury or after a period of transient hemiparesis, sensory loss hemiataxia and hemi. The involvement of the thalamus in motor control is reflected by afferents from the basal ganglia of the base, the cerebellum and motor cortex that reach him and that he efferents leave for the motor cortex and promoter. In the motor system involved mainly the following centers: Ventral and lateral, intralaminar and reticular, we highlight two major systems: pale and cerebellum. The separation between the two circuits is that afferents are different and also their efferents to the cortical areas that project. Alterations in the ventral lateral projections can lead to movement disorders (dyskinesias). Lesions in this nucleus decreases cerebelazos abnormal movements of the basal ganglia and the base [6]. Lesions in the ventral intermediate nucleus (Vim) flows ventral nuclei, the center medium pulvinar sensory nuclei can cause a variety of disorders Movement, including dystonias 16-18]. Vascular lesions affecting previous ventral nuclei, lateral, and medial dorsal anterior nucleus may cause contralateral hemiparesis and visual field disorders. Basal ganglia of the base. The deep cerebral veins of interest are the internal cerebral vein, basal vein (of Rosenthal) and the great cerebral vein of Galen. The internal cerebral veins are superior choroidal veins (drain lateral choroid plexus), the roof of the lateral ventricle (deep white matter of the frontal lobes anterior and posterior parietal), the posterior horn of the lateral ventricle (white matter of the lobes occipital and posterior temporal and fornix) and logging micas.

    There are studies that show some involvement of the midline nuclei with the engine system. Marsden Lee and [17] indicate that lesions dysphonias causing no logging micas which situate in the ventral and lateral nuclei, but in subsequent zones or cores in the middle line. We describe a motor semiology that characterize micas logging to injury:

    - Voluntary motor system disorders: mismatch against lateral cerebellum, lateral homo imitation synkinesis and contracture. - Motor system disorders. - Disturbances global movement: thalamic hand, characterized by incessant movements of the fingers, both in the horizontal and vertical planes. - Gait disturbances [23].

    There is evidence that the intralaminar nuclei are also involved in the control of movements. These nuclei receive afferents mainly from the reticular formation, the pale, putamen, subthalamic nuclei and cortical areas 6 and 4. The connections to these nuclei remain with the caudate putamen and subcortical contribute to control motor.

    Incidence of Thalamus in Higher psychofunctional processes: attention, emotion, language, memory and executive function.

    The thalamus regulates the functions of the association cortex and is important in functions such as language, speech and cognitive functions mediated by the cortex [24]. Studies in humans with functional neuroimaging techniques have shown that there are variations in thalamic blood flow according to the degree of consciousness [31,32]. have demonstrated changes in blood flow of the intralaminar nuclei of the thalamus, and the reticular formation depending on the level of arousal of a subject. In research conducted by Fiset et al [34], which manipulated the degree of awareness of the subjects using Propofol - drug with anesthetic properties that cerebral blood flow decreases, which is accompanied by a reduction of cerebral metabolic requirement oxygen and decreased intracranial pressure, found an inverse relationship between blood flow thalamic (PET) and propofol concentration was used. This anesthetic effects are more pronounced in the medial thalamus, cingulate gyrus, orbitofrontal rotation and angular gyrus. It appears that the variations observed in the thalamus (especially in the medial) are significantly related to the activity of the reticular formation. These authors suggest that reticulotalámico system plays a key role in the modulation of consciousness. Thalamus and memory It appears that the anterior thalamic nuclei are those of the midline, the dorsomedial and intralaminar thalamic nuclei involved in memory processes, although no conclusive evidence to indicate which of these structures is crucial for the proper functioning of the anterograde memory [45]. Weiskrantz [46] indicates that the memory deficits that usually occur in patients with thalamic lesions are similar to those seen after lesions in the medial temporal lobe: a deficit in the encoding of new information resulting in an impaired memory anterograde memory while the short term remains intact. Evidence of memory impairment following specific thalamic lesions, particularly in the dorsomedial nucleus [47] above [48, 49] and the intralaminar nuclei [50]. Apparently the previous core is related to the consolidation of information by allowing the formation of memory tracing, and working memory [51]. The anterior nuclei of the thalamus are involved in the processes of temporary memory organization [53]. The intralaminar nuclei output enable memory tracing and stored, ie the activation process. In the process of temporal organization of recent and old memories involving the dorsomedial nucleus. The lesions in these nuclei may result in a temporary disruption of memories that affect not only new information but also the old. Thalamus and executive function The lesions in the thalamus can also cause changes in executive functions, attention, initiative, inhibition and temporal organization of behavior, functions that are related to the prefrontal cortex. It is proposed that between the thalamic nuclei involved in executive function include the dorsomedial, the intralaminar nuclei and the midline. Some patients show an impairment in executive functioning after myocardial dorsomedial selective [48, 58]. Mennemeier et al [59] have indicated that patients with thalamic lesions may have difficulty using memory strategies rather than suffer a default encoding information. It has been proposed that a gap between the dorsomedial nucleus and prefrontal cortex may be responsible for the appearance of these deficits. However, there are data that show the appearance of a similar deterioration executive function after stroke thalamic not involving the dorsomedial nucleus. It has been reported that injuries to the intralaminar nuclei and the adjacent parts of the midline nuclei may cause executive function deficits [48.59]. Stress. The hippocampus contains high levels of the mineralocorticoid receptor making it more vulnerable to long term biological stress than other areas cerebrales64 related steroids stress affecting the hippocampus in at least three ways: first by reducing the excitability of neurons some hippocampus. Second, inhibiting the genesis of new neurons in the dentate gyrus, and the third, resulting in atrophy of dendrites of pyramidal cells of the CA3 region. There is evidence that humans who have experienced severe traumatic stress and long-term (eg, Holocaust survivors) show atrophy of the hippocampus to a greater extent than other areas of the brain. Hippocampal atrophy is also frequently seen in Cushing's syndrome, a disorder caused by high levels of cortisol in the bloodstream. At least some of these effects appear reversible if the stress continues. There is, however, evidence derived mainly from studies using rats that stress may affect shortly after birth to hippocampal function so that the damage persists throughout life. LTP Main article: long-term potentiation. Since at least the time of Ramon y Cajal, psychologists have speculated that the brain stores memory by altering the connections between neurons that are active simultáneamente.53 This idea was formalized by Donald Hebb in 1948.54 but many years later, Attempts to find a brain mechanism for these changes were in vain. In 1973, Tim Bliss and Terje Lomo described a phenomenon in the rabbit hippocampus that seemed to fit the specifications of Hebb: a change in synaptic responsiveness induced activation and brief strong and lasting for hours, days or más.55 Soon scientists referred to this phenomenon as "long-term potentiation", abbreviated English LTP long-term potentiation. As a candidate mechanism for memory, the LPT has been studied intensively in the coming years, of which much has been learned. Role in Memory See also: Amnesia Psychologists and neuroscientists generally agree that the hippocampus plays an important role in the formation of new memories of events experienced both episodic autobiográficos.3 15 Part of this role that the hippocampus is involved is the detection of events , places and stimuli novedosos.16 Some researchers conceive the hippocampus as part of a larger system memory of the medial temporal lobe responsible for overall declarative memory. The reason, for example, memories can be spoken explicitly, which affects, for example, to the memory Memory also made episódica.11 Severe hippocampal lesions produce profound difficulties in forming new memories (anterograde amnesia), and often also affects memories formed before the injury (retrograde amnesia). Although retrograde effect normally extends some years before brain damage in some cases remain older memories. This preservation of ancient memories has led to the idea that consolidation over time involves tr Damage to the hippocampus does not affect some types of memory, such as the ability to acquire new motor or cognitive skills (playing a musical instrument or solve certain kinds of logic puzzles, for example). This suggests that such abilities depend on different types of memory (procedural memory, for example) and different brain regions. Furthermore, amnesic patients frequently show memory "implicit" for the experience, even in the absence of conscious awareness. For example, when a patient is asked to say which of two faces is one that has seen more recently, almost always can hit on the right answer, despite claiming he had never seen any of them. Some researchers distinguish between conscious collection, under the hippocampus, and familiarity dependent parts of the temporal cortex Ansferencia medial.17 memories from the hippocampus to other parts of cerebro.15 A study by University College London conducted by Maguire, et al. (2000) 27 showed that a part of the hippocampus is larger in taxi drivers than in the general public, and more experienced drivers had a bulkier hippocampus. Yet to be elucidated if having a larger hippocampus helps an individual to become a taxi driver, or find shortcuts in life do you grow your hippocampus. However, in the study by Maguire et al. examined the correlation between the gray matter and the time taken by a taxi driver in their careers, finding a positive correlation between the two. You could see that the total volume of the hippocampus remained constant between the control and the taxi drivers. This is the same as saying that the rear portion of the driver hippocampus actually increased, but at the expense of the previous portion. No harmful effects have been found in this disparity in hippocampal proportions. The basal ganglia gray nerve tissue is interconnected with the cerebral cortex, thalamus and brainstem. In mammals are associated mainly with the movements (which also originate in the motor cortex): its fibers, which are not addressed directly to the spine, link to the supraspinal motor center of the brain stem neurons sets send nerve fibers to the spinal cord. The basal ganglia are associated with voluntary movements made on a largely unconscious, that is, those involving the entire body or daily routine. Efferent connections of the hypothalamus - These are also very numerous and complex. Among them are: - Mamilotalámicas efferents to the anterior nucleus of the thalamus, and then projected to the cingulate cortex. - Mamilo-tegmentales efferent connections allowing the tegmental mesencephalic reticular formation. - Descending efferents to the brainstem and spinal cord. - These allow the hypothalamus can influence the segmental sympathetic and parasympathetic centers such as core attachment oculomotor nuclei salivatorios upper and lower dorsal vagal nucleus, nucleus of the lateral horn sympathetic, parasympathetic nucleus of the lateral intermediate region of the spinal sacred. - The hypothalamus also establishes connections with the pituitary gland in two different ways. One is through the hypothalamic-hypophyseal tract, and the other is through a portal system of capillaries. Hypothalamic-pituitary tract - Allows hormones vasopressin and oxytocin, which are synthesized by neurons of the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei, respectively, are released in the axon terminals which contact the neurohypophysis. These hormones act causing vasoconstriction and antidiuresis (vasopressin) or uterine muscle contraction and myoepithelial cells surrounding the alveoli of the mammary gland (oxytocin) in women.

    Hypophyseal portal system. - It consists of capillaries that form a network that descends to the anterior lobe of the pituitary. - The portal system carries hormone releasing factors that are synthesized in the hypothalamus and whose action in the posterior lobe of the pituitary induce the production and release of hormones such as: Adenocorticotrofina (ACTH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), a hormone shot trophic (TSH), growth hormone (GH), etc. Functions of the hypothalamus. One of the vital functions having the hypothalamus is the management of our internal system, homeostasis or internal balance. This control is done through two channels: Milky Way endocrine and SNA. Nerve pathway. - The hypothalamus also controls the autonomic nervous system. Different hypothalamic centers adjust and coordinate activities visceromotor centers of the brainstem and spinal cord, to regulate heart function (Frequency), blood pressure, breathing, digestive activity, etc.. - For example, if we stimulate the anterior hypothalamus is like estimuláramos the parasympathetic system and if we stimulate the posterior hypothalamus is to stimulate the sympathetic system. - Therefore, the hypothalamus is related to the coordination between voluntary and autonomic functions. When an individual facing stressful situations, the heart beats at a faster rate, altered respiration rate, sweating may occur, redistribution of blood flow, etc.. - Also has regulatory function of temperature, sleep and wakefulness, ie circadian rhythm. - An injury of the posterior hypothalamus causes sleepiness. - Is the ventromedial nucleus of satiety. VIA ENDOCRINE: - In this way, the hypothalamus produces its own hormones through the paraventricular nucleus and supraoptic, which will going to be stored in the pituitary. So too, will generate Neurosecretion (releasing factors) that will stimulate Neurohypophysis. - They will be releasing factors for each of the hormones Trofinas there in the adenohypophysis. - These releasing factors drain through the pituitary portal system and will stimulate the cells that form Hormones as Thyrotropins, Gonadotropins, Prolactin and all those hormones that are stimulating other glands. - However, the neurohypophysis hormone has its own are: ADH (antidiuretic hormone) and oxytocin (involved contraction of uterine smooth muscle). Banking System Project perfectible. I developed this project two years ago, but every time I tried to develop it, agencies tortured me more, I burned the brain and told me I could not do it and I had to regalárselos. Some characters were saying that these ideas had occurred to them in a dream, but the strange thing is that being very good ideas and seem to be quite viable, not found in any country. With oil extraction project wells terminals, the same thing happened. And the last one was a long time ago and I did not mind that this system was as well and never had a degree in physics or astrophysics, I never worry about the issue. Perfectible It is based on the concept that every system is flawed or more every system, every model is imperfect. Considering this concept perfectible, we can develop systems based on their nature and continuous testing and wrongs tend to have feedback or are nourished by the interaction of variables resulting provoking a system tends to be better or tends to improve in Based on the experiences and events of the past events or situations. Perfectible Banking Model Taking into account the concept described above can conceive a banking model which takes the basics of banking and includes some innovative features that allow you to create or build systems that tend to feedback systems statistically economic process (macroeconomic and macro) which interact many variables, such as: political, social, cultural and religious. This feedback is based on improving existing systems to improve search and overcome the mistakes that happen in previous systems, eg in traditional banking, in the regional economy and the state as such. Perfectible banking proposes a structure composed of several points that are precisely the ones that give the characteristic that allows them to present an image of perfectible system and also has other features that allow you somehow through constant monitoring software variables involved in the system and the elements involved in the system, where the banking system intervention perfectible distortion occurs when there somehow interfere with the normal process economics. Concept "V" The concept "V" is based on processes and energized movements that tend to order but with planning metodizada by all members of the system and taking into account all the organizations that are in dynamic relationship, so that the designs match the General operation. Trying to predict how the subject with growing needs and growing population can from the point of view of the limitations imposed by the system, to achieve a standard of living that can improve over time, but with distributions for the growth of their populations is disorganized, the concept "V" seeks a density distribution and the most organized dispersion may be the solution to the dispersion process collapsed, they will tend to improve performance in all processes, the scattering theory tends to expand the subject of schools, but this expansion is not orderly systems collapsed, so the spaces can give dynamism are products of the same centralized system which is often reached in the center and less dense in the periphery, the spaces can be used to create units that are in convenient end relative to population needs, which will make the units and the subject is attracting but remembering that dispersion unordered makes building needs of units is estimated based on the needs for statistics (surveys), this give an idealized location of places in areas which may result in blocks, then it may be determined based on the physical space available an actual location of the micro organizations. This basic theory can give us the opportunity to develop their operating systems that do not produce effective and sustainable solutions in time, only remedies limited to short periods of time, these solutions are often planned to maximize ergonomics of organizational processes taking note are demarcated from all subjects that shape society and therefore processes always make the company collapses or limit effective productive longer. Dynamic Gap Theories (Quantum Mechanics). Juan Calos Vallejos. In systems gaps that occur by rubbing from the dynamo can theoretically produce extinction. Based on this course develops the theory that explains how the dynamic forces that influence the overall system produces fluctuations that tend to fill the gaps. Since prevailing wisdom is that a ship is able to accelerate to the speed of light travels a distance in such a short time that the perception of time changes, but some scientists think that this trip makes the environment that inside this ship would feel the effects of time as time off the ship advance, because the design of the travel speed of light, do not include the curvature of space if not through a wormhole and the vortex is not explained, because producing a vortex in space requires an amount of energy capable of achieving this opening, this concept travel in the vortex is an opening that is produced by the curvature is achieved by the generation of energy in the vortex, by the friction material, forces, subatomic particles. Could it be that at the time of the creation of the universe known as the Big Bang explosion, had not occurred in a sphere if the explosion could not have occurred as two spheres. These outbursts may have produced different dimensions in which quantum physics official similarly and simultaneously opposite. The existence of antimatter could be explained by this theory, antimatter is considered as matter which is completely opposite characteristics to those of the substance so both could not exist in the same space as touched upon meeting or produce an explosion yet so that the universe can be balanced only with the explanation of the existence of antimatter, the universe can be conceived in which we exist. In particle physics, antimatter is the extension of the concept of antiparticle. So antimatter is composed of antiparticles, while ordinary matter is composed of particles. For example: an anti-electron (an electron with a positive charge, also called positron) and an antiproton (a proton with a negative charge) could form these subatomic particles of antimatter atom. Contact of matter and antimatter would lead to the annihilation of both, leading to high energy photons (gamma rays) and other particles and antiparticles. That antimatter could be, if there is another dimension or other dimensions of issues such forces as gravity or other unknown forces such as those generated by the interaction of the universe relative to other universes or multiple universes achieve balance with the interaction of matter and antimatter, may not be in the same terms of what we would consider the interplay of forces that exist in our space-time, the balance would be achieved by the design of interacting universes while this only with the theory of parallel universes (theory ropes), but the existence of separate universes could function as balance different function could sway universes by interaction of matter and forces antimatter. Considering the existence of universes that interact, but not percibidles and space that could be found in almost equal time to time our space but do not perceive the existence of atoms would be almost in the same time space (although the existence matter is different in their conception of existence of matter) and quantum mechanics official similarly to quantum mechanics of the universe we observe. Because the model can relate hypothetical universes in which universes coexist and each universe has similar characteristics. If matter exists in the dimension in which we exist, the possibility of the existence of other universes would not be impossible, but also the interaction between these could produce forces which affect not only the subject, if the interaction forces of matter the universe in which we exist with different conceptions of the universe and the interactions of matter in the multiverse theory and string theory.

    Multiverse Theory. The Multiverse Theory assumptions conceive normally talk about the possibility of universes that coexist with the known universe, the explanation of parallel universes is complex and that the only reality we can rationalize is around us. As additional development for the explanation of possible universes and how these spaces may exist in reality normally know as classical definitions of psychology, personality conceived from two points of view. The Ego that represents the real me the way the individual is conceived and the individual's ability to project for their own purposes and without the possibility of looking at society as part of its existence. The Alter Ego explaining how the individual relates through hedging with society on the individual psyche creates its own identity that allows this relationship, but to relate hides his true identity and intentions. To explain the existence of multiverses, the possibility that between Ego and Alter Ego exist and how are you different configurations affect the environment and allows us to be from a philosophical point of view, try variations of universes or alternate worlds that can of fitness coexist with us, the possibility of conceiving a reality does not tell us if this is completely true, this possibility of rationalizing reality from a static point of view, the results in the psyche. Moreover rationalized as static reality, does not explain how man can explain the existence of parallel universes. But from the point of view astrophysicist is thought that these universes exist but in states that are not entirely the same as those we see in this universe. Spaces in the psyche between ego and alter ego, provide a space for the impossibility of measuring resemble multiverse theory, because the psyche can only be measured through fields and quantum mechanics. The psyche could affect the reality of the universe we belong from the standpoint of physical and philosophical, but this involvement is not real because the perception is not tangible. The infinite configurations of the psyche in coexistence with reality allows the existence of universes, but they are influenced by the different reactions of being both from the physical point of view and from the point of view of philosophy as the philosophical understanding of existing knowledge generator .


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